Want to get your company noticed? Invest in video.

At Shine Media, we're all too familiar with the challenges of being a small business owner (or any size business owner for that matter). We understand that cash-flow does not always happen when you need it to. Sometimes, the very tools you need to market yourself and take your business to the next level are simply not in the budget.

We also understand that interest rates can be crazy and that's why we're now offering financing on our work for those in need. We'll make you a video to get you and your business to the next level of success with a reasonable, easy-to-manage small interest rate of 1.9 %.

This is NOT a bank loan; we're investing in you and choosing to help grow your business. It's that simple.

Payment terms will vary with each client's specific needs.


Book your video 3+ months in advance and you will be eligible for a discount! Simply pay the owed amount in full within 7 days of receiving your invoice and receive 10% off!

Let your business be the next online sensation.

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