When you hire Shine Media, you’re not paying for a one-man show.

  • Our team possesses an astonishing depth of business, artistic and technical skillsets.
  • We believe in effective story telling, incredible visuals and integrity from start to finish.
  • We understand our clients’ perspective and we have mastered the art of executing their vision.
  • Our end-to-end project management translates to zero stress and zero additional work for clients.
  • Our business development expertise means we provide innovative strategies for creating videos that are ideal for online marketing.

In addition to an excellent-quality video you can expect to have: planning and preparation during pre-production; marketing strategy and support; on-site professional artistic direction; serious respect for tight timelines; total peace of mind.

Virginia Hastings, President

Virginia’s life’s work, her passion, is to advance Shine Media as one of Canada’s foremost video production firms for its innovation, integrity and team work. She is responsible for assembling the expert team below, and for constantly developing operational systems that will support effective communication and efficient workflow. Virginia sees the many moving parts within each and every Shine Media project, ensuring that all productions adhere to clients’ budgets, timelines and creative visions.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Virginia is responsible for inspiring the Shine Media team by always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Forever looking ahead, she leverages local and human resources—such as an extensive network of professionals—to ensure productions are a smooth ride from start to finish. By investing in the latest in video technology, such as our Inspire 1 2-man operator drone, Virginia guarantees the ‘Wow!’ factor that clients have come to expect from Shine Media.

Virginia’s motivating quote: “Feel the fear, and do it anyway”

Steve Cairns, Cinematographer

Everybody loves Steve! Shine Media’s own cinematographer has developed a loyal following of client-fans over his 14+ years in the industry. One of the many reasons our clients adore him, is his unflagging positive attitude and dedication to customer service. Steve will not be satisfied until he gets the perfect shot—the one that completely captures the clients’ vision with an innovative flair.

One of the many reasons we love Steve, is how adaptable he is to any subject. He has filmed everything from industrial videos to human interest pieces, and he handles sensitive subjects with care. A strong advocate for the client’s vision, Steve never loses sight of the story at the heart of each production and works to ensure the true message shines through. Steve discovered his passion for making movies and working with technology after spending time with cameramen on a movie set when he was 12.

Steve’s motivating quote: “It’s amazing what can get done when no one cares who gets the credit.”

Graeme Powell, Editor

Graeme is an exceptionally talented editor who works behind the scenes at Shine Media, to shape your raw footage into a clear representation of your vision. He extracts the most powerful, most beautiful shots to create engaging videos that do what you want them to do: persuade, inform, excite, create a lasting impression. Editing has a huge influence on the final product and it’s that magic that thrills Graeme: distilling mountains of great material into one short, precise and comprehensible story with a clear progression so as not to overwhelm audiences.

Graeme thinks and speaks in the language of stories. His incredible gift for storytelling has been refined through his own experience writing and directing for theatre, acting on-stage, and in the Film Studies program at Queen's University. Graeme’s passion for the Arts has involved him in various community projects, and he continues to contemplate branching out into longer documentaries and fiction pieces, short films and features.

Fun Fact: Graeme’s favourite movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark. He describes it as the perfect film!