Shine Media is an editing wizard! Their interviewing style elicits good material, and the edited product is creative and artistic. Our "Clyffe House" video has already received very positive reviews. It has led directly to rentals for my business. I recommend Shine Media whole-heartedly!

David Scott
Clyffe House Resort, Owner

Shine Media has been an integral part of our marketing plan for several years. Their sense of style, and community minded vision have meshed perfectly with our practice and allowed us to create memorable marketing videos and other content that will serve us for years into the future. They have accommodated our scheduling seamlessly. Beyond her professionalism, her spirit and presence are uplifting. We couldn’t speak any more highly of the results we have received as a direct result of the team's talent.

Drew Markham DDS
Dr. Drew Markham Dentistry
Dr. Drew’s Huntsville Makeover

Brainworks’ experience with Shine Media has taken us on an amazing journey! In the space of only three short weeks, they tuned into the very heartbeat of who we are and what we do and produced a video that knocked our socks off! Shine Media captured to a tee, what makes Brainworks so unique in the medical rehabilitation industry. They beautifully and tenderly showcased the compassion and caring emanating from our staff for the clients and families we serve. Shine Media had to shoot from four different locations separated geographically by several hours and hundreds of kilometers to capture our story—all within an extremely short time frame. They created a video project that not only blew us away, but also has received rave reviews from everyone who has seen it! Thanks Shine Media!

Arden McGregor
Brainworks Rehabilitation Clinic, Owner

Working with the Shine Media Inc. team was a very positive experience.  They took our vision and ran with it adding enhancements along the way.  It was our first video so it was also a learning experience for us. We are very happy with our final product and would recommend Shine Media Inc. to others wanting to promote their business or capture a special occasion.

Sherwood Inn, Clublink

The Shine Media team was a pleasure to work with and possesses high integrity, vision and creativity when conducting their work. When filming and creating our corporate and television videos in all cases they delivered a high quality product "on-time" in a timely fashion well within budget on all projects. Any person or company in need of an industry professional to create a video to advance their product and business profile would be well served by Shine Media's team of specialists; they have my highest recommendation in their field.

Jan Nyquist
Owner and Founder of Pipefusion Services Inc. (NyDock)

From start to finish Shine Media was professional and able to pull the project together for us. Production and video are outside of our scope of knowledge and expertise but their knowledge and team expertise made it easy for us and the results were unbelievable! We are already looking forward to our next project.

Bruce Campbell Lakeside Landscaping

Shine Media is always professional and encourages quality rather than just simply getting the job done. By focusing on achieving top notch results, their enthusiasm and drive spills over into everyone they come into contact with. Working with the Shine Media team is an absolute joy!

Graeme Powell
Freelance Video Editor/Writer/Copy Editor

Shine Media is a creative mind with great ideas that really help make your business shine! As a team, they produce great work that you will be proud to show off.

Leslie Tempest
Owner/Senior Physiotherapist, ProActive Rehab & Sport Injury Centre

Shine Media produced and edited a promotional video that perfectly met the expectations of the project. I would highly recommend the Shine Media team.

Don Waddington
Paper Birch Consulting and CottageSpot

Shine Media Inc. is a total expert in their field! Creative and charismatic, their filming goes miles above expectations. A pleasure to work with and insanely talented. I would recommend them to anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Warren Broad, CCHT, MFT, HAC
Owner and Creator at

Shine Media is an outstanding company that possesses a deep passion for their profession. They are the epitome of professional, creative, and driven. The whole team cares deeply about their product and the relationships they build with their clients. The Shine Media team has this amazing knack to really connect with their clients on so many levels, always ensuring that the final product by far exceeds their expectations. When one of my clients tells me that they have confirmed Shine Media for their upcoming event it gives me great pleasure to tell them that they have picked the very best videographers around!

Michelle Petterson
Executive Assistant to John Aben Royal LePage Lakes of Muskoka Realty

The Shine Media team were excellent to work with and I was very pleased with the results of their work. They insured that they thoroughly understood the direction that we wanted to take with the video and  executed the production in a timely manner and on budget. The video recording sessions were very laid back and we hardly even noticed that the team was there. The completed video is a pleasure to watch and it has received many positive reviews from both our customers and industry representatives. If you or your product has a story to tell, do it with Shine Media! You won't be disappointed.

Richard Hatkoski
President Muskoka Surfboard Company

We hired the team at Shine Media to video our "Culture Day" for the opening of our resort in 2008. They were able to capture the essence of our culture and the excitement of the day, and provided us with a memorable DVD of the event which we show to our associates every year! It's a special DVD that brings tears to our eyes every time we view it.

We then hired the Shine Media team to create a recruitment DVD for us, given that we recruit so heavily for the resort and wanted applicants to be able to 'feel' our culture and the essence of the working environment. Their professionalism and poise behind the camera put all of our associates "starring" in the video at ease for their acting debuts. The finished product proudly represents The Rosseau and has provided us with a timeless piece that will stand up for many years to come.

I highly recommend Shine Media for any video needs that you may have. They produce a quality product that is creative, professional and was able to work with us to meet our needs from a budget perspective. We now consider them part of our "Rosseau family"!’

Julie Farnsworth, CHRP Human Resources Consultant & Advisor Workplace Improvement & Engagement Coach, Energetic Learning Facilitator

Shine Media is an artistic film maker, able to bring out the best in people. They put the subjects of their films at ease and weave wonderful stories around them.

Gloria Woodside
Independent Real Estate Professional

It was an absolute pleasure working with Shine Media. They are very professional and have a friendly and pleasant approach to their work and clients. I was proud to be linked with Shine Media's work "Labour of love" as it was a real passion for them and this showed in the documentary they created.

I look forward to working with Shine Media again and highly recommend their services.

What most impressed me was that they actually sent me a thank you card which they didn't have to :)

Robert Neary
Composer – Monsters on Main Street 2013 at Lyon Motion Pictures

Shine Media filmed product testing with a black bear and our TyeDee Bin animal resistant containers. They also edited footage from previous tests to make product videos for tradeshows and on our website. They are very professional with their work and easy to get along with. I would happily recommend them to anyone who needs high quality video production.

Gary Jonsson
TyeDee Bin Sales and Distribution

Shine Media is a jewel in our community. They are as passionate about their work as they are helping people -- and their empathy shows in the final product. It's more than capturing your event -- watching Shine Media's work feels as if you, as spectator, have more than a viewing relationship with the images. Hard to explain, but it's something special they bring. I hope to work with them more.

Norah Fountain Communications Specialist

Shine Media shot and produced a promotional video for Cottage Dreams which turned out beautifully. When we screened it at an event, members of our audience actually cried. This wasnt a bad thing as it showed the amazing production and editing they did. Look them up!

Seana O’Neill
Social Entrepreneur

Shine Media organized, shot and edited the video clips for our website. They did a great job at a very reasonable cost. The work involved them taping sessions at several locations and editing many hours into a few minutes. It was so good we did not need change their first cuts which become the final product. We also worked with them when they were providing the video coverage during our consulting mandate to prepare the Community Master Plan for the Town of Huntsville and her clips are posted on the Town website. Virginia, President of Shine Media, is also one of the youngest Presidents of the YWCA and has done a great job in her community of Muskoka!

Stuart Morley
Managing Partner at The MBO Group Group Inc. (North America)

Shine Media produced a video for Hospice Muskoka. The work entailed dealing with our very vulnerable client base and their families...they were excellent. Their communication was insightful, knowledgeable, respectful and compassionate. They gave individuals an opportunity to tell their story and during editing, managed to maintain the integrity and impact of Hospice Muskoka in their lives. The video is heart warming, honest and flows beautifully from start to finish. I would recommend the Shine Media team for any videography work and it was such a pleasure to work with such professionals!

Sandra Winspear
Executive Director at Hospice Muskoka

The Shine Media team came through with a super product on time and on budget.
They are a pleasure to work with!

Nancy Beal
Owner at Muskoka Creative Communications

Shine Media is a team of passionate artists with the eyes to create beautiful work no matter what media they are using. As a wedding videographer, I would highly recommend them as they are reliable, efficient and their attention to detail is of the best. You will not be disappointed working with the Shine Media team.

Sarah Pelan
Product Sales Manager at Inscape