Wedding Team

Get a good look now, you may not notice us on your wedding day... and that's exactly how it should be. 

Brittany Weaven, Operations Manager

A recent Human Resources Management graduate, Brittany supports us with her rock-solid organizational skills and processes, as well as her unique brand of creativity. Brittany’s passion for writing motivated her to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature. She is the one responsible for our polished proposals and written promotional pieces.

Brittany has an in-depth understanding of Shine Media’s ongoing projects in all their various stages. As such, she provides much needed administrative support within our team and she also acts as the first point of contact for clients. It’s her friendly voice that greets you on the phone and answers your questions, and it’s her helping hands that really move our projects through to completion. Brittany’s careful attention to detail significantly assists in transforming our clients visions into reality.

Brittany’s motivating quote: “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” – John Lennon

Virginia Hastings, President

With over ten years of field training, Virginia knows what works when in it comes to weddings: 
"It's the fly-on-the-wall approach that sets us apart from other companies.
We recognize that nobody wants a videographer in their face with big obnoxious equipment asking them to pose - we are the exact opposite of that." 

Virginia stands proudly behind the work of a new generation of cinematographers and editors at Shine Media.

Steve Cairns, Cinematographer

Everybody loves Steve! Shine Media’s own cinematographer has developed a loyal following of client-fans over his 14+ years in the industry. One of the many reasons our clients adore him, is his unflagging positive attitude and dedication to customer service. Steve will not be satisfied until he gets the perfect shot—the one that completely captures the clients’ vision with an innovative flair.

One of the many reasons we love Steve, is how adaptable he is to any subject. He has filmed everything from industrial videos to human interest pieces, and he handles sensitive subjects with care. A strong advocate for the client’s vision, Steve never loses sight of the story at the heart of each production and works to ensure the true message shines through. Steve discovered his passion for making movies and working with technology after spending time with cameramen on a movie set when he was 12.

Steve’s motivating quote: “It’s amazing what can get done when no one cares who gets the credit.”

Graeme Powell, Editor

Graeme is an exceptionally talented editor who works behind the scenes at Shine Media, to shape your raw footage into a clear representation of your vision. He extracts the most powerful, most beautiful shots to create engaging videos that do what you want them to do: persuade, inform, excite, create a lasting impression. Editing has a huge influence on the final product and it’s that magic that thrills Graeme: distilling mountains of great material into one short, precise and comprehensible story with a clear progression so as not to overwhelm audiences.

Graeme thinks and speaks in the language of stories. His incredible gift for storytelling has been refined through his own experience writing and directing for theatre, acting on-stage, and in the Film Studies program at Queen's University. Graeme’s passion for the Arts has involved him in various community projects, and he continues to contemplate branching out into longer documentaries and fiction pieces, short films and features.

Fun Fact: Graeme’s favourite movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark. He describes it as the perfect film!

Craig Gouweloos, Videographer

Craig is another one of your videographers. He loves getting creative with his camera and bringing his ideas to life through film. With an ever-changing schedule, Craig is always looking forward to a new week of meeting clients and exploring exciting film projects. He is a big day dreamer who always brings a wealth of creativity to the table and is constantly striving to grow as a visual artist.

Along with filming, Craig is also an internationally competitive snowboarder. He travels to some of the world’s best riding locations including Colorado, British Columbia, Quebec, and New Zealand. With the ability to combine his passions, he always has new and exciting prospects!

Craig’s motivating quote: “There is an energy you can feel when you watch someone’s work and you can tell they are passionate and had a great time making it.”